CLANDESTINO Satirical and reporting dossier edited by Giuseppe Cantarella

Biancavilla on vacation – The Biancavilla administrative offices are approaching, The 10-year-old Glorioso had lasted and a new one began, but perhaps with the same faces. Chronicle death and problems of a certain entity. [/ embed] Licodia is not there – Santa Maria di Licodia is a small village of almost 8000 souls, always in the shadow of financial crisis, and with a particular problematic : the destroyed roads. [/ embed] Under the sun of Adrano – Clandestino returns to Adrano to make the picture of the situation in the hottest period of the year, so many problems between delinquency and poor administration. [/ embed] I want to dance with you (Sicily) – Open letter to the region of Sicily among the most beautiful places in the world, a land full of treasures and contradictions . [/ embed] The New Vote – Dedicated to all aspiring politi, old foxes and not. Swinger voters and the heroes of shopping bags in the most populous neighborhoods. [/ embed] Adrano- Amen. The story of a provincial town with an incredible history, full of history, culture, among the most ancient countries of Sicily full of contradictions, between political scandals, mafia and garbage. [/ embed] Goodbye Biancavilla. The parody of Occidentalis Karma, where the topics are: the total disappearance of the events in Biancavilla, the waste warning and the squandering of money between flooded streets and experts called by the administration, the record of designated councilors and the attempt to gag the local press. The Asbestos case and much more … [/ embed] Women, Social and Animal Men Part 1-2. On the occasion of the women's party, we decided to put ourselves in a woman on social media for an hour and a half, the result was incredible … further investigating, we discovered a group of meetings that take place in a day in a famous shopping center. [/ embed] [/ embed] Clandestino saves the garden. The boys of SAVETHEGARDEN have decided to clean the municipal villa of Biancavilla now in a state of neglect for years, to solve the problem to run to the help of the boys and mobilized also Clandestino. ​​[/ embed] From the stars to the Biancavilla stables. This is the story of the patronal festivals where once it was trodden by artists such as Battito and Venditti and today instead nothing with an exponential collapse of tourism in the city. [/ embed] Holidays in Biancavilla part 1-2. Summer is coming but the problems are the same, with the addition of a promise not kept the famous ex-track bike path where obviously nothing has been done and the abandoned railway line has become an open air dump kilometers long. [/ embed] [/ embed] Direction Paternò part 1-2: It ends with these two episodes the exhausting job search in the territory by Clandestino where he runs into the dilapidated paternal city 'between abandoned sports centers, streets destroyed and landscape disfigured in the historic places of the place. [/ embed] [/ embed] Amusement park S.m. of Licodia part 1-2. In this small village the adventure begins in search of clandestine work but the landscape thanks to the streets completely sunken and disastrous attract the protagonist in the episodes in a search for ironic fun where he describes the tragic situations in which the country. I bring you to Biancavilla part 1-2. These 2 episodes mark the dawn of the web series of Clandestino's denunciation, where a friend of Milan runs into the shameful Biancavilla, the first stop on the road of shame and the dirty and completely vandalized Don Bosco house to end up in the houses built by the Gal Etna abandoned to themselves. I dreamed of Carnival. Episode dedicated to a carnival that no longer exists among the half-empty squares at the meeting with an old mayor of Biancavilla, all to be discovered. EPISODI EXTRA CLANDESTINO MINI QUIZ: